I am a Freelance Set Dresser and Prop Maker/Buyer who has a great passion for the use of aesthetics, narrative and colour in any aspect of Design. Through my work I constantly strive to create surreal and immersive worlds and enjoy bringing them to life in Events, Fashion, Film or Theatre. With a background in Set Design my work is often playful and surrealist. I have experience with a wide variety of practical skills such as Production Design, Prop Making & Sourcing/Buying, Scenic Painting, Costume Sourcing, Set Dressing, Sewing and Basic Set Building. My experience in different areas of Performance such as Film, Theatre, Editorial and Site Specific Events alongside my completed BA (Hons) Degree in Costume with Performance Design at the Arts University Bournemouth has allowed me to understand the nature of set design’s challenges in large scale and ambitious productions. Moreover, I am accustomed to working at professional standards of quality, health and safety, specific briefs, time management as well as adapting to tight budgets and deadlines. I am confident working with a wide variety of materials and techniques and I consider myself to be very meticulous with detail as well as a highly organised individual. Apart from having a great drive for my practice I have an eagerness to keep learning new skills and approaches within the industry and I thrive when working in a team and collaborating with other people’s visions and opinions. I also consider myself to have good leadership skills when needed. I am committed to bring to work a strong dedication and an enthusiasm, as well as an easy-going, creative and dynamic personality.

Set Dresser

  • Art Dept Assistant
  • Scenic Painter
  • Scenic Artist
  • Costume Assistant
  • Costume Buyer
  • Costume Designer
  • Art Dept Stylist
  • Art Director (Assistant)
  • Production Designer
  • Set Designer
  • Set Decorator
  • Set Buyer
  • Set Dresser
  • Prop Crew
  • Prop Buyer
  • Prop Maker
Crew Code: IN012
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Clean driving license: No

Industry Skills

BA (Hons) Costume with Performance Design
Foundation Diploma in Art & Design



Equipment owned

Electric Sander
Sewing Machine
Electric Staple Gun

Previous production credits

  • Junior Set Designer, Prop Maker & Buyer at Cow Events, 2015-2016.
  • Studio Assistant, Prop Buyer/ Maker and Event Stylist for Studio Boo, 2015-2016.
  • Santa's Grotto Scenic Artist, Set Dresser & Prop Maker for The Hampstead Christmas Festival, 2015.
  • Assistant Set Constructor & Scenic Artist at Event Installation for Fromage Studios, 2015.
  • Decor Team, Prop Maker & Scenic Artist at 'The Somerley Tea Party Festival', 2015.
  • Decor Team, Prop Maker & Scenic Artist at 'Good Vibrations Festival' 2015.
  • Leading Scenic Artist, Prop Maker & Buyer for 'Earthquakes In London' Theatre Production, The Lighthouse Theatre Poole 2015.
  • Production Designer for 'The Glass Slipper' Commercial, Arts University Bournemouth, 2015.
  • Set Dresser for 'Wishful Thinking' Short Film, BU Film, 2014.
  • Scenic Artist and Prop Maker for 'The Rights of Man' Theatre Production, Arts University Bournemouth, 2014.
  • Costume Designer for 'The Ballad of Beardy Graham' Short Film, The Arts University Bournemouth 2014.
  • Assistant Costume Designer for 'Gouter Avec Tante Brigitte' Short Film, Arts University Bournemouth, 2014.
  • Lead Scenic Artist, Prop Maker & Sourcer for 'No Name' Theatre Production, Arts University Bournemouth, 2014.
  • Assistant Set Designer, Prop Maker & Sourcer and Scenic Artist for 'The Women' Theatre Production, Arts University Bournemouth, 2014.
  • Scenic Artist for 'Vanity Fair' Theatre Production, The Arts University Bournemouth, 2014.
  • Scenic Artist for 'Seasons Greetings' Theatre Production, Arts University Bournemouth, 2013.
  • Prop Maker for 'Maurice and His Educated Rodents' Theatre Production, Arts University Bournemouth 2013